Complex treatment of infertility

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Many couples at this stage are faced with numerous difficulties that have a negative impact on the process of treatment and trying for a baby. During this period, our enemies include diagnosed disorders or diseases as well as stress, frustration, anxiety, tiredness, poor health condition or a poor diet. Taking into account the large number of factors affecting treatment in the FertiMedica clinic, we recommend our patients a holistic approach with regard to trying for a child and the treatment of infertility, which involves the support of a psychologist, Eastern Medicine specialist and dietitian.
It is worth remembering that the treatment is a process during which sometimes there are worse moments, we fall into an emotional roller coaster, we have relationship problems, we suffer from a lack of sleep, or there are states of prolonged despondency or depression. During such moments it is worth having a second consultation to verify the diagnosis and treatment with our experts who specialize in infertility treatment and comprehensive support for couples trying to conceive a baby. We invite you for consultations – there is always a chance for alternative treatment or a personalized approach to increasing the probability of pregnancy.
If there is a presumption that the cause of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a baby may result from infertility, it is worth conducting additional examinations that can quickly exclude or confirm infertility. It is worth consulting a specialist who, upon collecting medical history concerning health condition, previous diseases, medications taken, will be able to refer an individual for appropriate testing.
The key to success during attempts to get pregnant, especially if these attempts are prolonged, is the support of experienced specialists. At FertiMedica we do not only focus on modern medicine; here patients are under the complex care of an interdisciplinary team. Apart from gynecologists, our team also consists of endocrinologists, andrologists, urologists, geneticists, specialists in ultrasound diagnostics and nuclear medicine. We work with psychologists, a dietician and an Eastern medicine physician. At FertiMedica we will provide you with all the care you need.
The founder of FertiMedica believes that knowledge and experience should be supported by modern technology; however, the successfulness of treatment also needs empathy, understanding and a humanistic approach.

„FertiMedica Clinic was established to offer not only professional diagnosis and therapy, but also to support the treatment and difficult time of struggle for pregnancy. Our philosophy of action is based on personal experiences, emotions and a great need for deeper understanding of the needs of people struggling with the problem of infertility. Therefore, our aim is to provide comprehensive patient care, friendly atmosphere, individual approach and maximum psychological comfort. We know what our patients are going through – we know those emotions, anxiety, and often the feeling of being powerless – we are here to go through it together.””
Marta van der Toolen

FertiMedica specializes in a holistic approach to infertility treatment, which involves additional activities, workshops, acupuncture, acupressure, psychotherapy or a suitable diet program. FertiMedica offers consultations with specialists not only in gynecology, sexology, andrology, but also with a nutritionist and an expert in Eastern Medicine