Semen analysis

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Did you know?

During the last dozen or so years, the average number of sperm cells with proper motility and structure in men’s semen has decreased, and the number of sperm cells incapable of fertilizing a woman’s oocyte has increased. This results from the environmental factors, exposure to toxic factors and radiation, adverse changes of lifestyle, obesity, systemic diseases and diseases, including inflammation, of the urinary and reproductive organ.

The fertility of a man is verified on the basis of semen analysis – it is important not to delay the examination and undertake it at the beginning of the process of diagnosis.

What kind of semen analysis do we offer in FertiMedica?

There is a wide range of sement tests available in FertiMedica. Our offer includes:

  • Computer-assisted Semen Analysis

The examination involves the analysis of semen parameters, i.e. the number of sperm cells, their motility, viability and morphology. The analysis is performed by means of the SCA system (Sperm Class Analyzer), thanks to which a patient receives a 4-page detailed analysis of the above-mentioned parameters.

  • Motile Sperm Organelle Morphology Examination (MSOME)

The examination involves a thorough assessment of the percentage of normal sperm cells with regard to their shape, the size of a sperm cell head and the presence of vacuoles – inappropriate structures on the surface of a sperm cell head.

  • Sperm DNA fragmentation test

The test examines the DNA of a sperm cell, i.e. its genetic material. We examine the DNA fragmentation degree, i.e. the degree of DNA damage. Research shows that the degree of DNA fragmentation influences sperm fertilising ability.

  • HBA test – sperm hyaluronan binding

Hyaluronan is substance naturally present in oocyte’s zona pellucida and granulosa cells coating an oocyte. Lower sperm capability of hyaluronan binding may impair male fertility

  • Post vasectomy test

Shows sperm presence and motility.


What does semen analysis at FertiMedica look like?

At FertiMedica, semen analysis is obtained by Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA).

We have created unique and comfortable conditions for semen donation. Our specially designed room is located in the most remote part of the clinic, in a place which is not accessible to most patients.

The room has an “erotic glamour” interior with dark, club color tone, comfortable furniture and sensual mural wallpaper stimulating the imagination. The room is equipped with a multimedia system, which enables a patient to use refined web content and to choose a video matching their tastes and preferences. More information about our examination room can be found at:

A very important element of the room is an airlock with a pass-through window, where a patient leaves the container with semen and gives a discreet light signal by pressing a button. This solution implements a new standard in patient service – men get rid of an “embarrassing” container without leaving the room and they are sure that it will be quickly delivered to the right people.

How to prepare for semen analysis?

Preparation for the examination involves sexual abstinence for 3–5 days.

You should not undergo an analysis if you have an infection accompanied by fever.

It is possible to have the semen donated at home analysed. It is important to deliver such semen within not more than 30–40 minutes from its donation, and it should be transported at body temperature (around 37 degrees Celsius).