dr Delgermaa Munkhuu
dr Delgermaa MunkhuuSpecialist in Eastern Medicine, infertility acupuncture, internist
dr hab. n. med. Piotr Dobroński
dr hab. n. med. Piotr DobrońskiSpecialist, urologist, FEBU, 1st degree specialist surgeon and andrologist
dr n. med. Wojciech Dziadecki
dr n. med. Wojciech DziadeckiSpecialist in obstetrics and gynecology, andrologist
dr n. med. Ewa Goncikowska
dr n. med. Ewa GoncikowskaSpecialist in obstetrics and gynecology
dr n med. Joanna Jacko
dr n med. Joanna Jacko
dr Krzysztof Jacko
dr Krzysztof JackoSpecialist in clinical oncology
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
Aleksandra KwiatkowskaDietician
Dorota Kaczmarek
Dorota KaczmarekESHRE clinical embryologist
Adam Abramik
Adam AbramikESHRE senior clinical embryologist
Dorota Karska
Dorota KarskaJunior embryologist
dr Agnieszka Konca
dr Agnieszka KoncaSpecialist in obstetrics and gynecology
dr Damian Kuleta
dr Damian Kuleta Specialist in obstetric and gynecology
dr Agnieszka Łojek-Ozga
dr Agnieszka Łojek-OzgaSpecialist in obstetrics and gynecology
dr Anna Radzikowska
dr Anna RadzikowskaSpecialist in obstetrics and gynecology, ultrasonography specialist
Tatiana Ostaszewska-Mosak
Tatiana Ostaszewska-MosakPsychologist, psychotherapist
Marcin Radko
Marcin RadkoUrology and andrology consultant
dr Beata Szerstobitow
dr Beata SzerstobitowSpecialist in nuclear medicine
dr n. med. Monika Szymańska
dr n. med. Monika SzymańskaSpecialist in obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinologist
dr n. med. Iwona Szymusik
dr n. med. Iwona SzymusikSpecialist in obstetrics and gynecology
dr n. med. Anna Tomankiewicz-Zawadzka
dr n. med. Anna Tomankiewicz-ZawadzkaSpecialist in clinical genetics
dr Agnieszka Wroblewska
dr Agnieszka WroblewskaSpecialist in obstetrics and gynecology
Wioletta Bak
Wioletta BakMA degree in Midwifery
Zosia Budkiewicz
Zosia BudkiewiczPhysiotherapist

Specjaliści współpracujący

Paulina Gdańska
Paulina GdańskaPsychologist – psychooncologist
Joanna Głogowska
Joanna GłogowskaPhysiotherapist, specialist in urogynecological physiotherapy