Marta van der Toolen, the founder of FertiMedica Fertility Centre, explains for the changes in the in vitro which are expected to come into force on November 1, 2015.

Changes related with the in vitro procedure since November

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“The current legal situation in Poland grants the right to attempt the assisted reproduction, i.e. the in vitro and artificial insemination procedures, to practically every woman. Marital status, age, or sexual orientation does not matter – says Marta van der Toolen, the director and founder of FertiMedica Fertility Center. According to the Act which will come into force on 1st November this year, the in vitro procedure will only be available to married couples and those remaining in common-law partnership. Single women or women in homosexual relationships will not be able to benefit from this form of treatment. The law on infertility treatment discriminates women because of their life situation”.
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