If you’re not planning to have a baby right now, but want to give yourself the biggest and best chance for maternity in the future – BabyLater is for you.

This program allows you to deposit egg cells for the future, for the right moment. Its biggest advantage is the ability to stop the “aging” of egg cells– collected and frozen oocytes of a young woman maintain their genetic quality for many years. In Poland, the method of freezing oocytes called “vitrification” has been used for nearly 10 years. The procedure of freezing involves oocytes retrieved from a female patient after hormonal stimulation, in the course of ovarian puncture performed in a short intravenous anesthesia. Depending on the age of a woman and her ovarian reserve, during the procedure a few up to a dozen or so eggs cells can be retrieved and secured for the future.

More information is available on www.babylater.pl