ProcreAction are original workshops of FertiMedica, designed for women trying to become pregnant. They consist of six meetings, each being one and a half hours long, during which various issues referring to prolonged attempts for a baby are discussed.
„ProcreAction” workshops allow you to:

– gain better knowledge of yourself, understand your constraints and possibilities, and rebuild self-esteem in very stressful situations
– explore a variety of techniques to cope with stress and adapt them to your own needs and preferences
– begin the process of recuperation and strengthening yourself against new challenges
– learn how to bring more harmony and distance into your life
– discuss all the problems, concerns and find answers to your questions in a conducive and safe environment.

We know that taking part in the workshops affects participants in a positive way, allows them to learn how to deal with unpleasant emotions, to overcome difficulties in relationships or to learn better communication with their partners.
We believe that it is worth giving yourself a chance to improve the way you function despite many difficulties.

Participants of the workshop ProcreAction said:

What did I get from the workshops? A tool to fight against my own weaknesses, the feeling that I am not alone and a bunch of women that want the same thing …happiness. As for me, my fight has only begun, and the workshops were a powerful kick towards my own happiness no matter what name it bears
The workshops helped me to understand and accept my own feelings and come to terms with the emotional state in which I currently find myself. I have prepared a plan for the next few months and I am able to pursue it with more composure than before. The most important advantage of the meetings was the opportunity to meet other people with whom I still keep in touch. It turned out that our stories are very similar, and that in problematic situations we often react in an almost identical way. Now, after completing the workshops, we meet regularly. We talk about “technical” topics, but mostly we support and advise each other”. I recommend “ProcreAction” workshops to all women trying for a baby, who want to organize their thoughts and live in greater harmony with themselves and their partners while enjoying everyday life.
I decided to participate in the workshops because I did not want to be alone. I was looking for support and advice on how to fight my own emotions and how to be stronger in such a difficult battle. You know what I got? – a child! After the workshops, we were getting ready for the next insemination. We did not need it – I got pregnant naturally! I think that the workshops helped me and also something changed in my head. I am glad that I was able to fight with the most difficult thing to master – my own emotions. My head gave up, pregnancy appeared

Important information:
The workshops are conducted by Tatiana Ostaszewska-Mosak – health clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist. “ProcreAction” is held in our center (ul. Jana Pawła Woronicza 31 lok. 8U – Woronicza Qbik building, ground floor) on six consecutive Mondays, from 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.