FertiMedica has created special educational and information meetings concerning in-vitro fertilization, under the auspices of “Nasz Bocian” (Our Stork) Association for Infertility Treatment and Support of Adoption. The meetings are led by Dr n. med. Ewa Goncikowska and Anna Krawczak, the President of “Nasz Bocian” (Our Stork) Association.

The “Taming In Vitro” program is divided into two main thematic sections relating to the in vitro fertilization procedure and therapy support.

In vitro fertilization procedure
  • Discussing indications for the procedure
  • The process of preparation for the program
  • Purpose and course of ovarian hyperstimulation
  • Procedure of oocyte retrieval
  • Discussion of the laboratory stages of the procedure: classical insemination, ICSI, IMSI, embryo culture, freezing
  • Transfer of embryos into the uterus
  • Treatment after transfer
  • Possible complications
Therapy support
  • The role of the psyche in the process of infertility treatment
  • Christmas wishes about the family enlargement – how not to succumb to sadness and irritation
  • The role of acupuncture in infertility treatment
  • Acupuncture before and after the embryo transfer – a better chance of implantation, lower risk of miscarriage
This is a pro bono action.