1. Gametes donation
  • Egg sharing

Egg sharing is a common name of the oocytes donation program. Patients of the clinic share their egg cells collected while ovary stimulation with patients who require therapy with donor’s cell.

We offer IVF with the use of cells collected from our patients in FertiMedica. The donor is matched to the recipient on the basis of phenotypic characteristics. Due to Polish regulations donor remains anonymous.

The recipient covers the costs of oocytes collection and costs of IVF procedure. FertiMedica does not put any extra charges.

The possibility of implementing egg sharing procedure depends on the current availability of gametes in the clinic and phenotypic matching of the donor and recipient.

  •    Donation of oocytes from the OvoBank egg cells bank (Spain)

FertiMedica offers the possibility of IVF with the use of oocytes deposited in OvoBank in Spain. Donor is chosen by OvoBank specialist in co-operation with FertiMedica’s doctor.

The patient covers costs of collecting oocytes from a donor and shipping them to Poland. Expenses are being covered directly by recipient in OvoBank (wire transfer). IVF procedure is performed in FertiMedica.

2. Semen donation

FertiMedica offers the possibility of intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the use of the donor’s semen.

Deposited in FertiMedica male gametes come from the Danish company – European Sperm Bank and are collected from anonymous donors. The semen is matched in accordance with phenotypic characteristics of the patient’s partner.