After the birth of a child, a woman’s world changes drastically. We are aware of the challenges posed by the new role of a mother, which is why we have prepared a support package for women after childbirth.

What does the “Woman after childbirth” package include?
  • Urogynecological consultation,
  • Acupuncture with pulse examination,
  • Psychological consultation,
  • Postpartum gynecological consultation,
  • Phytotherapist consultation
Why is it worth using our package?

Urogynecology – a consultation with a urogynecological physiotherapist will allow you to assess the condition of your pelvis and vagina, help prevent urinary incontinence problems and allow you to quickly return to sexual performance and enjoyment of sex.
Body harmonization – Acupuncture and pulse testing will help restore balance in the body after childbirth, relieving any ailments and accelerating regeneration.
Mental support – Meeting with psychologist will allow you to express your feelings, fears and doubts related to your new role. If you are concerned about your emotions, it will help you distinguish the baby blues from postpartum depression and give you tips on how to deal with them.
Monitoring the health of the reproductive organ – A postpartum gynecological consultation will allow you to assess the healing process after childbirth and any changes in the reproductive organ. A specialist obstetrician-gynecologist will also answer any questions you may have about the postpartum period.
Support by nature – Phytotherapy will provide you with natural remedies to strengthen your body and allow you to improve your well-being faster. It will help you regulate your hormonal balance, reduce post-pregnancy symptoms, improve the quality of your sleep and strengthen your immune system.

Giving birth to a child is a unique but also demanding moment in every woman’s life. Taking care of yourself during this period is crucial not only for your health, but also for the well-being of your baby. We encourage you to take advantage of our package and take care of yourself during this special time.

Package price: PLN 1,230
Price of services without package: PLN 1,510