Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary transformations both in a woman’s body and mind. Striving to make every future mother feel confident and healthy during this special period, we have created a special package of services for pregnant women.

What does the “Future mother” package include?
  • 5 acupuncture treatments with a pulse test,
  • Antenatal psychological consultation,
  • Phytotherapist consultation.
Why is it worth choosing our pregnancy package?

Harmony of body and mind – Acupuncture and pulse testing will help balance your body, alleviate pregnancy symptoms and prepare for childbirth.

Psychological support – A psychological consultation will give you the space to express your fears, emotions and doubts related to the upcoming birth and motherhood, helping to strengthen your emotional well-being. Meeting with a psychologist will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the body’s psychological reactions that may appear after childbirth, helping you recognize them and react quickly to them.

Support with natural substances of plant origin – Phytotherapy offers gentle and natural methods of supporting your health during pregnancy, helping to alleviate symptoms and strengthen the body. The inexhaustible power of plants also helps prevent and fight viral infections. It is important that the selection of herbs is carried out under the supervision of a specialist, as there are many substances that are inadvisable or harmful at this special time.

By taking care of your physical and emotional health during pregnancy, you are investing in a peaceful and healthy time waiting for your baby to be born. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer and surround yourself with the care of specialists in this extremely important period of life.

Package price: PLN 810
Price of services without package: PLN 1,010