Going through premenopause and menopause is an important stage in every woman’s life, which involves many changes, both physical and emotional. With your needs in mind, we have prepared a special package for women over 45.

What does our package include?
  • Hormonal blood tests: FSH, TSH, estradiol,
  • 5 acupuncture treatments with a pulse test,
  • Gynecological and endocrinological consultation
  • Psychological consultation,
  • Urogynecological consultation,
  • Consultation with a phytotherapist/cannabis therapist.
Why is it worth using our package?

Monitoring hormonal changes: Hormonal tests allow you to track key changes taking place in a woman’s body during this time, allowing you to determine whether you are or have entered menopause.
Balancing the body: Acupuncture and pulse testing are natural methods of balancing the body, relieving typical menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and sleep problems. Acupuncture also helps combat psychological symptoms related to hormonal changes occurring in your body.
Mental support: The menopause period may be associated with mood swings, fears and feelings of uncertainty. A psychological consultation offers a space to talk and obtain support at this important stage.
Assessment of hormone levels by a specialist: will allow you to determine whether your body has already entered the menopause phase and, if necessary, adjust hormone replacement therapy appropriate for you.
Urogynecological health care: A urogynecological consultation focuses on the assessment and care of the health of the lower urinary tract and reproductive system, which may change with age.
Natural support: Phytotherapy and hemp therapy provide plant-based remedies that can alleviate menopausal symptoms, support the immune system and generally improve well-being.

Going through menopause is a natural stage of every woman’s life and does not have to be difficult. Our package is designed to support you at this important moment, helping you feel better both physically and mentally. Take advantage of our offer.

Package price: PLN 1,330
Price of services without package: PLN 1,665