A varicocele is a pathological enlargement of the pampiniform venous plexus which drains venous blood from a testicle. The spermatic cord is a compound of structures that runs from the inguinal canal to the scrotum. It can be perceptible through the scrotum skin- the thickness of the spermatic cord is similar to the thickness of the little finger. The spermatic cord is composed of: vas deferens, arteries, nerves and pampiniform venous plexus.

Varicocele occurs in approximately 10% of adult men, but the occurrence is increased (30-40%) in men with abnormal sperm analysis. Above 95% of varicocele occurs on the left side, sometimes on the both sides, but very rarely on the right side. It is associated with the anatomy of men.

Varicocele are one of the most often reasons of abnormal sperm quality. It is connected with the increased  temperature in testicles what disrupts spermatogenesis. The elimination of varicocele substantially improves sperm quality and enhances the possibility of fertilization.

The treatment of varicocele consists in the surgical ligation and intersection of the testicular vein. This intervention is conducted under general anesthesia.

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