PARENTO – Genetic test for couples planning a pregnancy


The Parento test is a precise and modern genetic test that allows you to check whether future parents are carriers of genetic diseases that can be passed on to their offspring.

Using the innovative next-generation sequencing technology and classical methods of genetic diagnosis, more than 1,700 genes are analyzed, which play a key role in the inheritance of over 1,300 diseases. A successful Parento test reduces a child’s risk of developing a specific disease to less than 1: several million.

The test is recommended for all future parents, and above all for relatives who plan to start a family, for couples using the assisted reproduction procedure, for people struggling with reproductive problems, and for people whose families have genetically determined diseases or of unknown origin. Testing is also recommended if there is a family history of sudden childhood deaths.

Purpose of the test:
– determination of procreation risk, i.e. the probability of giving birth to a child with a genetic disease
– the possibility of selecting an appropriate reproductive method: natural conception, in vitro with the use of preimplantation diagnostics, adoption of ova or embryo donation

Available test ranges:

OPTIMUM – 140 gens, 100 diseases

MAXIMUM = 1700 gens, 1300 diseases

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