Psychological help complements and supports the medical process at every stage. The better the mental condition of patients, the better the understanding between partners and the more effective co-operation with the doctor during the process of diagnosis and treatment. This is one of the most important conditions of success. The better the overall well-being, the more balanced and proper motivation there is to act. It is also the understanding of one’s own real needs and accurate assessment of strengths and abilities, and greater ability to cope with stress. It is a psychophysical state that is likely to increase the chances of conceiving and maintenance of pregnancy. Last but not least, it is also assistance in going through the attempts to conceive in a more gentle and balanced manner.

FertiMedica offers various forms of psychological help, depending on the capabilities and requirements of the patients. Psychology at FertiMedica is an offer consisting of consultations, psychoeducation, emergency visits, individual psychotherapy, psychotherapy of couples and marriages as well as support groups and workshops.

Individual meetings prepare for what is to come, they help to cope with what has already happened, support the healing process, help to understand the psychological mechanisms of coping, teach how to deal with difficult emotions and can also be used to develop new behavioral models conducive to the maintenance of balance.

Meetings for couples and marriages help to realize the role of both partners in the healing process, strengthen the relations between partners, identify and understand the needs and opportunities of spouses. It will also improve communication between the partners and will show the significance of differences between the sexes during the complicated course of attempts to conceive.

Support groups operating at FertiMedica ensure mutual understanding, a sense of being heard and accepted, learning how to behave in difficult situations (visit to the doctor’s, embarrassing questions asked by family and friends, and contact with children) as well as getting to know people who are in a similar situation.

As part of its activities aimed at complex support for all couples trying to have a baby, FertiMedica provides assistance of a psychologist at a greater extent than in other clinics. This means that all patients of the clinic can count on additional solutions, which will be helpful at every stage of treatment, including a first consultation free of charge and constant contact with the psychologist.

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