Egg freezing

Are you not ready for motherhood yet? Make sure that your future child has a better chance of conceiving and enjoying full health.


The quality of egg cells, and therefore the chance of getting pregnant from them, depend largely on the woman’s age. Modern medicine makes it possible to freeze female eggs and store them for the future when they have a high reproductive potential. It may turn out that when you decide to become a mother, getting pregnant naturally will be very difficult or impossible.


For women who, for various reasons, want or need to postpone the decision to become mothers.


you are single, but you know that one day you will want to become a mother
you are a woman currently involved in your professional career, but you are stressed by the ticking of your biological clock
You and your partner want to enjoy life together again
you are facing treatment that may reduce your fertility
BABYLATER is for you!


To collect your eggs, we will subject you to controlled hormonal stimulation.
The cells obtained in this way will be collected by the doctor during ovarian puncture. The puncture is performed under short intravenous general anesthesia, so it will not hurt you.

We will freeze your eggs using a modern method called vitrification (quick freezing in liquid nitrogen). Vitrification is a safe method that does not reduce cell quality.

You should be aware that not all frozen cells will survive this process. This is related to the natural potential of the material for reproduction. Under natural conditions, not all cells can give rise to a healthy pregnancy.


Initial gynecological consultation
The consultation takes place in our center. Consultation duration approx. 45 minutes.

Performing necessary laboratory tests
You will receive a referral for tests from your attending physician. You can perform the tests at our facility or at another clinic/laboratory.

Qualification for the Baby Later program
If you meet the health requirements regarding ovarian stimulation and puncture, you will be qualified for the program.

Hormonal stimulation
On the designated day of your cycle, you will start hormonal stimulation. You can administer hormones yourself. You need to visit your doctor every few days. Stimulation duration approx. 2 weeks.

Ovarian puncture
On the day appointed by your doctor, your eggs will be collected.

Egg freezing
The collected oocytes are cleaned, placed in specially marked containers, immediately frozen and deposited in a container with liquid nitrogen.

Getting pregnant
When you decide to become a mother, you will definitely try to get pregnant naturally. However, this may prove difficult. If nature and non-invasive medical methods fail, we can thaw and fertilize your cells. Remember that they will be younger than the cells produced by your ovaries, which gives you a better chance of maintaining the pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby.

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