In vitro with donor cells

In vitro using donor reproductive cells is a medical procedure used for couples who, for various medical reasons, cannot conceive a child and, therefore, cannot fulfill their dream of parenthood. Cases in which the use of donated reproductive cells is recommended:

Fertility problems in the partner: When a woman has difficulty producing her own fertilizing eggs, for example due to age, hormonal disorders or cancer therapy.
Fertility problems in a partner: For men who do not produce sperm capable of fertilizing an egg.
Risk of hereditary diseases: If one or both future parents are carriers of hereditary genetic diseases and want to avoid passing these diseases on to their offspring.

In this procedure, we use eggs or sperm from an anonymous donor to create an embryo outside the mother’s body. The egg cells used in FertiMedica come from the cell bank of our clinic or are imported from the Spanish bank Ovobank, with which we have been cooperating for years. The semen comes from the Danish sperm bank, European Sperm Bank.

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