Diet has a huge impact on fertility, as shortages of many minerals and vitamins impede the processes of producing healthy reproductive cells (female reproductive cell – oocyte, and male reproductive cell – sperm) and also affect fertilization and normal development of an embryo.

Our dietician helps both women and couples who have only started planning to have a baby and want to consciously prepare their bodies for it. For men with reduced semen parameters, the dietician helps to introduce a diet full of beneficial ingredients supporting the formation of proper sperm. She helps patients struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) to reduce, gently but effectively, excess body fat and she helps pregnant and lactating women to establish a healthy and safe diet.

Additionally, we will be happy to help all interested individuals, especially those who wish to lose weight effectively, to improve their eating habits and introduce the principles of a healthy diet.

Dietetics at FertiMedica also offers the ability to perform the study of body composition using bioimpedance (BIA), which determines the content of fat, muscle and water in the body – this examination is very useful in monitoring the progress of dietary therapy. This is especially recommended for women with PCOS. Szczególnie polecane kobietom z PCOS.

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