Preparing for pregnancy

Preparing for pregnancy and trying for a baby is a period involving planning and taking concrete actions. About 85% of couples become pregnant spontaneously, without any special care or treatment. The optimal situation is one in which the decision to enlarge the family is a conscious one and preceded by the appropriate preparations aimed by the improvement of lifestyle, reduction of stress, adjustment of diet to the demands of the mother as well as maintenance (or improvement) of good physical and mental condition.

Many experts suggest that the preparation for pregnancy should begin one year earlier – it allows one to adjust to this substantial change in life. At FertiMedica, we encourage our patients to examine their lifestyles and eliminate unhealthy habits (inappropriate diet, alcohol abuse, smoking cigarettes or marijuana), which dangerously affect the quality of the eggs and sperm, resulting in abnormal development of the fetus, and finally, affecting the child’s health. The significance of proper oral hygiene is also worth mentioning as before the pregnancy, all cavities and inflammations should be treated and amalgam fillings should be replaced.

We invite all individuals interested in appropriate preparation for pregnancy, necessary tests, individualized diet or help in overcoming addiction to contact our experts who are specialized in the fields of psychology, Eastern medicine or dietetics.

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