FertiMedica is an infertility treatment outpatient clinic with one of the most advanced technology in Poland – it is a place where modern medicine meets various forms of therapy support. All this makes our treatment effective and at the same time patient-friendly.

Why is it worth using our services?

  • People

    FertiMedica focuses on people. We have created an interdisciplinary team that sets aside time to provide professional medical care and therapy support making the expected results come easier and faster.

    The infertility treatment is a complex process. Depending on the case, our specialists recommend that patients use various forms of assistance, such as consultations with a geneticist and a dietician, psychological support, psychological workshops, acupuncture and other treatments of classical medicine of the East.

    Patients of FertiMedica have access to free meetings with a psychologist and group workshops.

    We think that quick identification of all the needs of infertile couples and their fulfillment is key to effective treatment.

  • “Tailor-made therapy”

    One of the most significant stages of in vitro treatment is the hormonal stimulation of a patient. The way it is performed has influence on the number of produced oocytes, their quality and the risk of occurrence of possible complications. Good stimulation is one chosen to match the individual needs of a particular woman. The individual preparation of a patient for the treatment is a standard at FertiMedica. We call it “tailor made therapy”.

  • Modern technology

    The success of in vitro depends largely on the equipment on which the laboratory stage of the treatment is performed (selection of an appropriate sperm cell, oocyte fertilization, embryo culture). At FertiMedica, we use the most modern solution – the “EmbryScope” incubator. It is available only in several outpatient clinics in Poland. The “EmbryoScope” helps us to obtain higher percentage of pregnancies in in vitro treatment.

  • Air cleanliness

    The results of scientific research show a close correlation between the cleanliness of air in the treatment room and the assisted reproduction laboratory, and the effects of in vitro treatment. A unique air filtration system was applied at FertiMedica. It was possible thanks to the implementation of the system in the architectural structure of the outpatient clinic at the design stage. The system provides us with A class cleanness of the air offering higher chance for in vitro success to our patients.

    A cleanliness of air and gives our patients a higher chance of success of in vitro treatment.