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Infertility? I know what it means. Obsessive waiting for two lines on the pregnancy test, endless frustration, thousands of medical tests, treatment, a moment of hope, then despair and so on, over and over again … cycle after cycle, month after month.

The period of trying for a child was very difficult for me. I was treated in one of Warsaw’s clinics. It was impersonal, fast and automatic-like. Nobody stopped for a moment to talk to me, to try to support me or advise me how I should find myself in this situation and how I should deal with the overwhelming reality.

Going through the subsequent stages of treatment, I dreamed of a place full of empathy, in which a team of professionals would take care of me, would have the time for me and would work together on a successful treatment. Infertility treatment does not only consist of a gynecologist, microscope and embryologist. Infertility treatment involves work at the foundations, observation of your inner life, lifestyle changes and, at the same time, specialist care and, if necessary, the use of the latest technological achievements.

I decided to create such a place. Believe me, it was not easy. The hardest part was finding people who shared my thoughts about infertility, and yet had extensive knowledge and experience in its treatment. I succeeded! FertiMedica was founded – a place created for patients by the people for whom not only the result of the therapy matters, but also the way it is achieved.

For us, all that counts is a human being. We know what our patients go through – we know those emotions, anxiety, feeling of helplessness – we are here to go through it together.
I encourage you to make an appointment at FertiMedica. Find out that you can be treated differently.
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Marta van der Toolen

Marta van der Toolen

founder of FertiMedica


benefits & results


benefits & results

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dr Anna Jabłonka-Cieślik

dr Anna Jabłonka‑Cieślik

medical director, obstetrician-gynecologist specialist, specialist in gynecological endocrinology and reproduction

dr n. med. Katarzyna Szlendak‑Sauer

specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, endocrinologist

dr n. med. Wojciech Dziadecki

specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, andrologist

dr Anna Wójcikiewicz

obstetrician-gynecologist specialist