Testicular biopsy

What is a testicular biopsy?

A testicular biopsy is an important procedure in the diagnostics of male infertility, performed in cases of azoospermia, i.e. a lack of sperm in ejaculate.

What does a testicular biopsy involve?

A testicular biopsy is performed under general or local anesthesia, the procedure is safe and complications are very rare. An andrologist or urologist qualifies the patient for the procedure. Do zabiegu kwalifikuje lekarz androlog lub urolog.

In the course of the procedure tiny pieces of testicular tissue are sampled and then sent for histopathological examination where they are evaluated for the presence of spermatogenesis (a process of forming sperm in a testicle).

If the examination proves the presence of sperm, the removed tissue is frozen and it constitutes a deposit of male reproductive cells, which can be used in the future for in vitro fertilization.

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