Infertility diagnostics

Our clinic offers full packages of examinations involving the use of the latest technologies concerning laboratory, genetic and sperm tests as well as ultrasonographic diagnostics.

Infertility diagnostics – where to start?

1) If you have been trying for a baby for over 12 months, but you have not undergone any examinations yet – make an appointment with us for the so-called first infertility consultation.

2) If you are being diagnosed at a different facility and you need specialist examinations, call us and make an appointment for an appropriate examination.

What does the medical interview look like?

The medical interview is very detailed and concerns the issue of menstruation, previous gynecological and obstetrical problems, general health condition, previous surgeries and procedures, chronic diseases, medications taken, lifestyle, diet, allergies, physical activity, type of job, stress, and so on. Certainly some questions concerning medical history of the family will be asked – history of diseases of the closest family members, infertility problems in the family, any miscarriages, congenital defects or genetic syndromes.

What questions should you anticipate and also consider asking prior to your visit?

The doctor will ask questions about the age of the first menstruation, the menstrual rhythm (the longest, the shortest and the most frequent cycle in the last year, without taking medications), and previous treatment (if any). If you come for the visit alone, there will also be questions concerning the condition of the partner’s health. You can and should ask a doctor any question that bothers you. Contrary to Doctor Google, your doctor is a reliable source of knowledge.

Do I have to bring any results of basic examinations?

You have to bring all the results of examinations performed so far and recommended with regard to preparations for pregnancy or initial diagnostics due to lack of pregnancy. If it is your first visit concerning the conception of a baby and no examinations have been performed so far, you should bring at least the result of the last pap smear test, hospital discharge summaries (if any; for example, discharge summaries concerning surgeries and medical procedures), blood group result (if it was indicated).

Should I attend such a consultation on my own or with my partner?

We always encourage couples to come for the consultations together because the infertility problem concerns two people, however, the final decisions belong to the patients. Of course the presence of a partner is not obligatory and if a patient decides that she wants to come for the first visit alone, then she can come on her own.

After consultation, pursuant to the medical interview and examinations performed so far, we will recommend appropriate diagnostics which will help to determine the cause of the problem and undertake effective treatment.

Do I need medical examination referral?

You do not need a referral. Examinations like the pap smear test, vaginal biocenosis test, or smear test for Chlamydia do not require a medical appointment – the results may be collected by a midwife.

We offer complete packages of examinations performed with the use of the latest technologies and including laboratory, genetic and sperm tests as well as ultrasonographic diagnostics.

Remember that all our experts are perfectly aware of the fact that you may need a lot of support. Therefore, they will provide you not only with medical help, but also with emotional support at every stage of diagnostics and treatment.

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