dr Beata Szerstobitow

specialist in nuclear medicine

Education and experience:
In 1986 Dr (PhD) Beata Szerstobitow completed studies in the First Medical Faculty of the Medical Academy of Warsaw in 1986. In 1990 she obtained the 1st degree specialization, and in 1994 the 2nd degree specialization in nuclear medicine. She worked as a senior assistant at the Diagnostic Imaging Department of the Second Medical Faculty of the Medical Academy of Warsaw. She also conducted lectures and practical classes for students of that faculty. She worked at the Ultrasound Laboratory of the Solec Hospital in Warsaw.

She specializes in the ultrasonographic diagnostics of male infertility and performs ultrasound examinations of testicles and the epididymis, Doppler ultrasound examination of varicocele, examinations of the prostate gland and spermatocysts using transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) as well as examinations of the urinary tract (kidneys and urinary bladder). She also specializes in the ultrasonographic diagnostics of mammary glands (also among women in the lactation period), thyroid, salivary glands and lymphatic nodes.

Additional activities:
Research grant employee of the State Committee for Scientific Research in the field of ultrasonographic diagnostics in prostate gland diseases. Since the foundation of the Roztocze School of Ultrasonography, she has been its active lecturer. She also conducts lectures and practical classes at Urologic Ultrasound Workshops organized under the auspices of the Polish Urological Association at the Chair and Department of Oncological Urology of Karol Marcinkowski Poznań University of Medical Sciences.

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