mgr Tatiana Ostaszewska-Mosak

psychologist, psychotherapist

Education and experience:

Education and experience: She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw (specialization: Clinical Psychologist of Health) and the School of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapy. In her practice, she uses a variety of psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches and methods such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), logotherapy, positive psychology, goal-oriented therapy, short-term therapy and crisis intervention. She has always been interested in the problems of stress, its impact on health and the functioning of a human being, and the general understanding of psychosomatics. For fourteen years she has been working on infertility issues and the support in its treatment – previously she co-operated with InviMed – European Center of Motherhood.

She provides assistance in the management of high-risk pregnancies obtained after particularly complicated and medically supported attempts. She also prepares women for labor and early infant care. She specializes in the prevention of postpartum depression. She is the author of the book “Droga ku płodności” (The route to fertility).

Additional activities:

She is a co-founder of the Polish Society of Infertility Psychologists and provides assistance for the “Pacjent-pacjentowi” (Patient-to-Patient) voluntary line of the Nasz Bocian (Our Stork) Association. She is a doula after training in the Childbirth with Dignity Foundation and a certified instructor of the Active Antenatal School. She completed a lactation course in the Center for Lactation Science. She regularly contributes to websites such as e-dziecko, Wirtualna Polska, Natemat and she is an expert providing opinions in magazines devoted to the subject of health, partnership and parenthood.

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